Why it so important to have compliant labels?

There are many rules and regulations covering food supplements. Not only are we experts in legislative compliance, we ensure your labels are updated as soon as any new regulations come to light

This ensures that the products you sell in your store are suitable for sale across Europe

Is there penalty for selling products with incorrect labels?

Absolutely, the Advertising Standards Authority can visit your store or website at anytime and request that you not only remove products from sale, but you have to send out a product recall for all the products that have already sold.

What claims can we make about our products?

Very few, there are some claims that have be agreed and substantiated, but it is important that you follow all the guidelines and not make inappropraite claims about your supplements. We can guide you through this legislative maize

Does it matter how I describe my supplements on my website?

It is important to ensure that the information you display on your website is compliant. We can advice you on content that you can share about your products and reduce the risk of you receiving a caution from the ASA and possibly an expensive fine